Supercell Newest Game : Clash Royale 2016



Supercell, the maker of the successful game app Clash of Clans did a soft lauching of their newest game called Clash Royale last January 2016 in selected countries and targeting IOS users. Then came February 16, 2016 they did another soft launching for android users and again only on selected countries. Clash Royale is considered freemium mobile strategy video game. Many troops from the game comes from your Clash of Clans with additional characters only can be seen in this game.

Meanwhile players on other part of the globe became resourceful enough and went to google search engine in looking for available Clash Royale APK so that they can install and play the said game without waiting for the Global release which is said to happen this month of March 2016. Well, these players including yours truly were able to play Clash Royale because game apk is indeed available on many websites for download. With that I would like to share what I think of the game Clash Royale. Today, is the 9nth day that I’m playing the game.



Since I’m a Clash of Clans player myself getting into this Clash Royale game and familiarizing it wasn’t really that hard as Im already familiar on the game troops available in-game and somehow the look and feel of it are quite similar. I usually describe graphics like this a laid back environment. Not too cartoon, not too anime-like and not hi-tech or futuristic in nature. SuperCell made a name in the gaming field so it somehow tell us that game releases from this company are expected to be top notch for their target market. I can say for the past 9 days playing this game and creating a clan I find the game interesting, unique on its own right, entertaining and sometimes stressful since we tend to aim for a higher ranking but not all the time it goes smoothly. But again enjoyment is there. Definitely SuperCell already unlocked one of the ingredient of a successful game is that player should always have something to do in-game and something to aim. In this game you need to upgrade a lots of cards or troops to make it stronger. Right now Im seeing 48 boxes of troops available for players to unlocked.

The gameplay is about challenging someone via searching other player inside the game. You also allowed to choose 8 battle cards/troops and you use what every strategy or troops combo you can think of. Then you aim in destroying the center structure of your enemy. Before going to the middle you need to atleast destroy 1 defensive structure or if you want depending on your strategy destroying both archer towers are also part of the game. Whoever destroy the middle structure first wins. Incase no player destroy the middle structure winner will be declared how many tower a player destroys before the match timer ends.

If you are looking for a new game to try consider checking this game out.

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