Internet of Things (iOT) Status 2016

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We have been hearing this Internet of Things for several years now and many of us want to know how things are going with our technology today. The tech industry of course are creating and inventing interesting and smart devices, appliances, solutions, life and health advancement and probably way of life of this generation and the next. Businesses are making huge amount of investment on iOT since many believe and already seeing it that this is the path we’re heading. We will continue to see things like set of appliances communicating with each other; there is this data on cloud and networks that assist our machine to do its purpose; Live updates of household appliances and of course things around us will be much smarter and powerful. The impact how we live and also how we work already happened and thank you for the increase of Internet Broadband speed. Although not all countries enjoys the same speed but many believe it will still improve. This Internet of Things is a big business and it will become useful too.


Few of those things that we are already using:
– We have the Arduino and other hardware platforms that make interested people able to explore, create simple to advance DIYs projects.
– Slowly we already seeing smart sensors that monitors, evaluate roads, water levels, bridges and structures that transmit to cloud and then translate it into actual usable data and information. This will help the right authority to accurately fix structures even before it will become worst.
– The existence Amazon Echo named Alexa which is considered a smart speaker with voice-activated is one of the noticeable iOT right now.
– A more reliable Monitoring Hardware that send SMS and email when event occur such as water leaks, temperature drops or increases, fire, hardware failure and a lot more.
– Home health and fitness monitoring gadgets.
– Energy Management
– Security solutions such as CCTVs, alarm systems
– Traffic management that determine traffic status or congestion ahead from driver’s location
– Cloud Services are soo useful for many industries today
– Disaster control center is very useful especially for smaller countries or cities.
– Hospital Optimizations
– Intelligent factories exist
– Logistics are better manage with iOT
– Car can notify the owner if it’s time for maintenance check.
– Improved Waste management
– Remote controls of home management
– Pet feeding can be automated and monitored too
– The Availability of Remote Health Diagnostics

The above listings somehow changed how we live in this generation. Things are getting faster and accurate however with this Internet of Things happening let’s not forget that we should also be aware of things such us privacy and  security issues, iOT standards and regulations.

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