An experience on how to apply NBI Clearance ?

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The last time I needed to get a NBI clearance was back in 2000. Then last year 2015, I needed to get a new one renew my clearance and only to find out that the process is now different. After reading some posts about this I came to know that I need to do it online. My advice to you is not to visit any NBI satellite offices without filling up an online form for a schedule. Although when I was there last year there were walk-ins but they were asked to fill up a form online and referred to the nearest Internet cafe. With that I think its better you should really start with the step 1 which is going online and fill up the form. My personal experience in applying for a NBI Clearance was a good one. I only spent 25 minutes at their satellite office in Metropolis Alabang. I came from San Pedro Laguna. I arrived at their office almost 12noon and since there is no break time I fall in line. The big guy there was accommodating. At first I’m kind of worried about getting a hit from the computer system as I was able to read some people got hit without them knowing the actual reasons. Luckily, when it was my turned I got no hit while the person a lady doctor in front of me got a hit and was advice to come back after 3-4 days. After that I was asked to fall in line again for the actual NBI clearance document. To my surprised it was printed so fast. My estimation of people in the line was around 50 persons.

Below is the complete process in applying for a NBI Clearance. Doing it online will save time and will avoid any red tape activities.


1. NBI Clearance Online Application Website
– Typing on your favorite browser chrome, firefox, IE, Opera and other browsers will open NBI Clearance Website. Believe it or not I never experience downtime of this official NBI Clearance website. So, this is nice for all of us at least the government improved the uptime of their website.

2. Fill Up The Registration Form
– Please be patience in filling up your details online and please read it carefully as it should be free from errors. You can edit this afterwards but to save time please make sure everything is correct.

3. Schedule An Appointment For Your NBI Clearance
– There is a page there where you should schedule your visit to the choosen NBI office. Schedule the best free time you have. You can read and see that on your window screen.
After scheduling your appointment with NBI Clearance, Click on the Purpose of your NBI Clearance Application and choose accordingly.

4. NBI Clearance Payment Methods Page
– You will see all of the options of payment online and pick the easiest payment option you know. Me I’ve chosen Bank Online Payment. Over the Counter Payment in Banks, Bank Online Payment, Mobile Payment, Bayad Centers are some of your options

After making a payment follow the additional instructions like asking you to open you email for the NBI Clearance Transaction Confirmation message and code. Make sure to print your payment receipt and the c

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