Is Diana Prince or Wonder Woman really a queer ?

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By this time if you are a movie aficionado or maybe a superhero comics reader you might already know that there is an upcoming Wonder Woman movie. We are expecting it by June 2017 in most of the major cinemas in our country and all over the world.



Aside from the movie there is news going around the internet that questioning if Wonder Woman is indeed a bisexual super hero ?  From the current Wonder Woman comic writer Greg Rucka made a little confirmed speculation which we would call it  via an interview with Comicosity. He stresses though that defining the Amazon Princess’ sexuality is tricky and don’t expect this sexual preferences would be elaborated in movie o comics.

In a comics at some point in Wonder Woman life she met Steve Trevor and work for him as a secretary when she embraces civilian identity  as Diana Prince. Back then or maybe upto now it was told that Steve Trevor was the reigning champion of Wonder Woman love interests. There was Superman, Aquaman and even Batman. What happen to this story line ? well, it is understandable that different writers of different generations has its own Wonder Woman Story to share to the fans. Maybe this queer thing is just one of those stories for this era.

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